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Why Do We Do What We Do...?

Why Do We Do What We Do...?

Unless we are very lucky and blessed to have very understanding parents, we actually have very little choice while we are kids. We have to go to school, later to college and then try to earn a living to be independent.

Now at least since last 10 years or so, the children have a wider choices of subjects to choose from for their desired stream of college/ professional study. Yet mostly the subjects/streams are chosen as per the ambition of the parents. Or maybe misplaced priorities for better earnings, to continue family service, or to get into a govt job.

In the usual rigamarole, an adult picks up a job, any job, and then gets married and buys a house/car on loan – in any order. But I can lay a bet that 90% of the young professionals are married/about to get married, may be already with small kids and are paying EMIs! Even if they are not paying EMIs, they are most likely to be living from pay cheque to pay cheque. This middle-class version of “living hand to mouth” is the modern-day curse that we need to be rid of in order to be free of avoidable personal stress, disharmony at home and tension at workplace.

So why we do you do what you do?
Is it due to a stranglehold of unavoidable financial burden resultant of an unplanned family/property acquisition?
Are you liking what you do?
Do you love to get up in the morning and look forward to get to work because you love it or just because it pays your bills, does not give you any joy but you really have no choice?

To live a balanced life one must stand on own two feet and have enough freedom to move around without worrying for food in our stomach, clothes on our back and roof over our head.

Are you in a job/profession which you love?
Are you financially sound?
Do you have reserve money to survive six months without any income?
Can you just get up and join a two-year academic or professional course?
Do you have the capacity to just travel around the country/world for a year or more?


Please think about the above.

Work around your requirements in life to make a wriggle space for some freedom.

Have a choice – and exercise it at your wish!
Be happy and refuse to live the life of a slave – a slave of circumstances, a slave of social pressure, a slave of your timidity and inferiority complex!

Rise and Shine with Competence, Confidence, and Composure!!

Happy Hunting!!!

About the Author : Major General Balraj Mehta

Maj Gen Balraj Mehta believes there are no problems – only opportunities!
He is a veteran of Indian Army with 35 years of dealing with men – ranging from young recruits to grizzly old soldiers. Father of two handsome boys and a loving husband and married for over three decades. He has extensive knowledge of human nature, relationship and camaraderie . He has been conditioned by formal training and observation to deliver tangible, targeted and top line solutions to all kinds of parenting and career opportunities.