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Parent Coaching

Empowering Parents for a Harmonious Family Life

Children, they say are delivered to you without an instructional manual! The young couple have to struggle, follow the instincts of parenting absorbed from their own growing years and somehow cope up. The nuclear family system and both parents working can be still more unnerving. The growing up years of your child are so crucial that psychologists world over believe that the majority of adult flaws of personality disorder, under achievement and poor social adjustment are all product of unintentional but wrong reactions/responses of parents to the demands of childhood.

The kids are exposed to other societal influences like abuse/addictions of various kinds, bullying, inappropriate use of social media etc which the parents need to be aware of and control with love and care.
There is a need for parents to seek guidance for learning scientific and psychologically proven methods of parenting. In many awkward, and potentially serious breakdown of parent child relationship timely expert intervention can be very fruitful to heal and repair.

Maj Gen Balraj Mehta is a trained Parent Coach for parents of all age group children viz. Toddlers, Mid Schoolers and Teenagers.

Unleashing the Power of Parent Coaching for Stronger Families

Major General Balraj Mehta’s Parent Coaching services go beyond traditional parenting advice. Drawing from his own experiences and the lessons learned throughout his illustrious career, he guides parents on a transformative path toward creating a harmonious and nurturing family environment. Through personalized consultations, he helps parents build stronger connections with their children and develop effective communication skills that promote trust and understanding.

With empathy and compassion, Major General Balraj Mehta offers a supportive space for parents to explore their unique challenges and concerns. From managing discipline and setting boundaries to fostering resilience and emotional well-being, his expertise covers a broad range of parenting topics. Through his guidance, parents gain confidence, find their own parenting style, and cultivate healthier relationships with their children.

Guiding Parents to Victory in the Trenches of Parenthood

By enlisting Major General Balraj Mehta’s Parent Coaching services, you embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a more confident, empathetic, and effective parent. His wisdom and guidance will help you navigate the complexities of parenthood, empowering you to create a loving and harmonious family dynamic that lays the foundation for your children’s future success and happiness.

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your parenting journey with Major General Balraj Mehta’s Parent Coaching services. Together, we will unlock your potential as a parent, fostering a nurturing and supportive environment where your children can thrive and grow into remarkable individuals.

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