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Three Rustic Rules Which Shaped My Life (Are they relevant today?)

Three Rustic Rules Which Shaped My Life (Are they relevant today?)

When I was growing up in the sixties in rural India, my middle class, God fearing parents had only three rules for us to live by. They are simply :-

1. Always tell the truth.
2. Respect your elders.
3. Come home in the evening before dark.

So we literally lived by these rules and I still follow them, the first two to the letter and the third one with minor adjustments.

And we did fairly well in our lives!
I was a child then and I am now a grown up with well settled children of my own. All of us have been successful, are grounded and responsible citizens. So I feel there has to be some direct/indirect influence of these rules on how our personalities got shaped and our respective careers progressed.

It is my endeavour here to try and explain how each of the above must have affected us.

1. Always Tell The Truth (Focuses on Honesty and Integrity)
(a) You are not conflicted with what you think, what you say and what you do.
(b) You do not get into any trouble because of double speak ever, no one can catch you on wrong foot.
(c) Your word in trusted and gets respect.
(d) You are considered dependable and hence get more and more responsibilities.
(e) You get recognized for your work and go up the ladder surely and steadily.
(f) You do not need anybody to push you up as favourite, every boss will like you for your sincerity.
(g) Your spoken reputation travels ahead of you.
(h) You are sought out for your efficiency and dependability.
(i) You will refrain from doing anything which you need to hide. Automatically you will become law abiding, honest, sincere and loyal family member/worker/leader or govt servant.
(j) You will be shunned by evil doers and hence you will be saved from their bad influence.
(k) Conversely you will attract similarly oriented friends and co-workers to help you with their positive spirit and energy.
(l) Your children will observe your behaviour and follow suit.
(m) Your family atmosphere and relationship with your spouse will be healthy and strong.

2. Respect Your Elders (Teaches You Obedience)
(a) Respecting your elders makes them really like and love you – you always get their blessings.
(b) Whenever you are in need, help will be aplenty.
(c) You will imbibe many good things from your seniors – some they will actively teach you and some you will absorb by mere association and observation.
(d) Similarly you will be able to learn easily from your professors and coaches if you have genuine respect for them.
(e) You will be trusted by your superiors and will be allowed to grow in your career.
(f) You will not be denied your due share of inheritance when the time comes.
(g) If you are elder sibling, your younger brothers and sisters will by default give you respect.
(h) If you are younger, you will get genuine love, guidance and support of your olders siblings while growing up and even thereafter.
(i) Accordingly you will be able to bring about a calming atmosphere in your workplace which indirectly contributes to you career growth.
(j) Directly you will be respecting law of the land which saves you from any legal/criminal involvement.
(k) At the workplace you will abide by the rules and policies becoming a favourable and well-adjusted worker.
(l) The same characterstics propel you to, in turn, become a good leader.

3. Return Home Before Dark (Gets You Disciplined)
(a) You are generally prevented from getting sucked in bad company.
(b) Most likely you will avoid addiction of all types.
(c) You will be able to eat your meals early and be able to have adequate time for work/study.
(d) You will get up fresh in the morning.
(e) You get settled in a predictable routine.
(f) You will be protected from getting involved in any mischief/ wrong doing if you are back home before dark.
(g) Instead of wasting time in empty gossip or truant games, you will have plenty of time for self-improvement and preparing a solid base – academically, physically, spiritually and emotionally – for a better life ahead.

Overall I feel that due to observance of the above three laws, the cumulative effect is that you live a sober, stable and emotionally well supported life which opens up such a vast vista of opportunities that only the sky remains the limit for your success, growth and achievements! Your relationships are well balanced, your finances regulated and your peace of mind assured.

What more you can ask for??

Accordingly I feel that these well-established rustic rules from Rural India are still relevant and should be looked into seriously by all parents and leaders of organizations to enforce albeit with adjustments befitting modern times and needs.

About the Author : Major General Balraj Mehta

Maj Gen Balraj Mehta believes there are no problems – only opportunities!
He is a veteran of Indian Army with 35 years of dealing with men – ranging from young recruits to grizzly old soldiers. Father of two handsome boys and a loving husband and married for over three decades. He has extensive knowledge of human nature, relationship and camaraderie . He has been conditioned by formal training and observation to deliver tangible, targeted and top line solutions to all kinds of parenting and career opportunities.