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Dawn of Real Independence

Dawn of Real Independence

As I write this piece it is already 15 Aug 2023 and another Independence Day has arrived. The question bothering me and keeping me awake at this hour is – Are we all actually free? To me it seems as if we are completely entangled in the web of misinformation being fed from all quarters; be it corporate, political, media, and international drug, pharma, arms and land lobbies/cartels. A common man is constricted between the criminals, exploitative businesses, indifferent bureaucracy, teflon coated politicians and ivory towered judiciary. We may be living our day to day lives like a train going through a tunnel — but one single small derailment can spell disaster! A debilitating disease, a traffic fine, a road accident, chain snatching, caste/religion based violence, desecration, theft, murder, land grabbing, political wrangling between opposed political parties creating disorder can give a tremendous jolt to your peace of mind. The response/help rendered after any mishap and recovery from the same can break many a spirits — unfortunately for some of the victims permanently. That is the time when you feel helpless, vulnerable and least cared for by the system which we, the common citizens, pay for! Ask the Kashmiri pandits, or the victims of hundreds of riots over last 76 years, many started directly due to political interference or mishandling and/or with the guidance of enemies from across the borders (Even from the embassies/high commissions located in Delhi) and you will hear pathetic tales of horror, indifference, helpless resignation and feel the existing trans generational trauma. Last in the shameful list are the Manipur unfortunates. The moot question is — how to prevent atrocities/major crime and how fast the wounds can be healed. How soon justice can be delivered, guilty punished and victims rehabilitated. Yet even all this what damage has been done to an individual, a family and a community may not be completely undone; the scars always remain and traumatise them forever. There is an urgent need to tame the bureaucracy including the police, put the fear of God in running amock municipalities, govt departments and local mafia and ensure policy and process based pressure on the law enforcement and justice systems. In this connection introduction of three new bills in the parliament to revamp the criminal justice system in India should be seen in this light. A lot of time; and a hell of an effort will be needed to get a semblance of a just society for all of us but a very welcome, long awaited and absolutely critical change has been initiated and the govt of Prime Minister Modi needs to be congratulated for the great initiative!
Let hope 15 Aug 2024 will showcase the effectiveness of these measures. Mera Bharat Mahaan!!!!!

Happy Independence Day to all of you! 🇮🇳 #patriotism #Army #leadership #growth #justice #family #security #governance #happiness #personal development

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