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Exhausted by endless parenting advice? Yearning to raise confident, kind, and resilient kids?

Look no further.

In From Roots to Wings, you’ll discover a refreshingly simple yet powerful approach to parenting, distilled from years of experience and personal anecdotes. Drawing inspiration from the enduring values found in nature, this book equips you with a practical framework to guide your child from wobbly steps to confident strides.

Discover The Three Rustic Rules:
Roots & Resilience: Building a strong foundation of self-esteem, character, and the ability to weather life’s storms.
Respect: The Compass of Relationships: Cultivating respect for oneself, others, and setting healthy boundaries.
Responsibility: Owning Your Choices: Fostering independence, accountability, and the power of learning from mistakes.

More than just theory, this book is packed with:
Personal stories: Learn from the author’s relatable experiences and discover how they applied the Three Rustic Rules in real-life situations.
Actionable strategies: Discover practical tips, communication techniques, and age-appropriate activities to implement the rules in your own family.
Guidance for today’s challenges: Navigate the digital world, build emotional intelligence, and foster a growth mindset in your child.

Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned pro, From Roots to Wings empowers you to raise children who are:
>> Confident and secure
>> Kind and compassionate
>> Responsible and resilient

Embrace the simple wisdom found in nature and embark on the rewarding journey of raising strong children in today’s world.

Feeling overwhelmed by your teenager’s emotional outbursts? You’re not alone! “Parenting Beyond Yelling” is your essential guide to navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence.
Inside this comprehensive book, you’ll discover:
The Science Behind the Tantrum: Understand the hormonal and neurological changes fueling your teen’s emotional volatility.
Decoding the Message: Learn to read between the lines and identify the needs and anxieties driving your teenager’s outbursts.
The Power of Validation: Master the art of acknowledging your teen’s feelings without condoning their behavior, fostering trust and open communication.
Active Listening Techniques: Put down the phone and truly listen to your teenager, creating a safe space for them to express themselves freely.
Unmasking the Triggers: Identify the underlying stressors that spark your teen’s tantrums, from academic pressures to social anxieties.
Modeling Healthy Emotions: Lead by example! Learn how to manage your own emotions and express them constructively.
Choosing Your Battles: Not every disagreement needs to escalate. Discover practical strategies for picking your battles and focusing on what truly matters.
Communication Strategies for Success: Ditch the blame game! Explore effective communication techniques to foster “we” thinking and problem-solve together.
De-Escalation Techniques: Learn how to calm the storm before it erupts with proven strategies for distraction, positive reinforcement, and creating a calming environment.
Building a Supportive Team: Don’t go it alone! Discover how to create a network of support for both you and your teenager, including seeking professional help when necessary.
Nurturing Resilience: Equip your teenager with the tools they need to bounce back from setbacks and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.
Each chapter is packed with actionable to-do activities, empowering you to implement these strategies immediately and build a stronger, more connected relationship with your teenager.

Book overview
“Leaders are not born. They can only be developed. The only need is to identify the basic leadership traits and work on moulding the character accordingly.” – Maj Gen Balraj Mehta

Do you dream of inspiring others and leading them towards success? Do you find yourself naturally taking charge in group situations and motivating those around you? If so, you possess the potential to become a truly exceptional leader. But leadership isn’t about a title or a position – it’s about a cultivated set of skills and behaviours that anyone can learn and develop.

Are you ready to transform from a follower into a leader who inspires? This book is your roadmap to success. Within its pages, you’ll discover:

• The Bedrock of Effective Leadership: You’ll learn how to identify and nurture these traits within yourself, laying the foundation for authentic and impactful leadership.
• Building Trust and Fostering Collaboration: You’ll learn how to actively listen, delegate effectively, and create a space where everyone feels valued and heard.
• The Art of Motivation and Inspiration: Inspiring others to achieve their full potential is a key hallmark of great leadership. You’ll learn how to set clear goals that are both challenging and achievable, provide constructive feedback that empowers growth, and recognize and celebrate successes along the way.
• Decision-Making Under Pressure: Leaders are often faced with tough choices. You’ll learn how to analyse situations objectively, consider different perspectives, and choose the course of action that aligns with your team’s goals and values.
• Ethical Leadership and Building a Strong Moral Compass: You’ll learn how to navigate complex situations, make ethical choices even when it’s difficult, and inspire your team to uphold high moral standards. General Mehta emphasizes the importance of leading by example and fostering a culture of honesty and transparency.
• Leadership Styles and Finding Your Fit: General Mehta explores different leadership styles, such as transformational, democratic, and servant leadership, helping you identify which approach best suits your personality and team dynamics. You’ll learn how to leverage your strengths, adapt your style as needed, and develop a leadership style that inspires and empowers others.
BONUS: As a special thank you for purchasing How to Become an Effective Leader, you’ll also receive a FREE digital copy of Major General Mehta’s companion eBook. This bonus eBook delves deeper into real-life leadership scenarios, providing practical insights and strategies you can apply immediately.

It’s time to stop waiting and start leading. Unleash your leadership potential and lead your team to success.

ORDER YOUR COPY of this leadership book by Maj Gen Balraj Mehta today and start your journey towards becoming a leader who makes a difference!