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A Call to Action for Self Improvement

A Call to Action for Self Improvement

*I was reading somewhere that there are three types of people in this world. First who take initiative and make things happen, second who are interested and aware/involved witnesses and third those who are left wondering as to how and why things are happening around them!
*My take on the above is given in succeeding paragraphs.

People Who Makes Things Happen
* These are the people fired up with ambition. They are energetic, passionate and driven with the desire to make more and more money, raise an empire, change the society or work for a targated group of people or field of work. They may even be govt servants making and executing policy for betterment of defence, economy, business infrastructure, social upliftment, communication etc etc.
* Based on their behaviour these people can be categorised as under:-
* Catalyst of Change.
* Inspirational.
* Ambitious and Achievers.
* Pioneers with a purpose.
* Visionaries who achieve greatness.

* If you have the drive, determination and discipline you definitely be the Change Maker. They are very few and far between in any society or organisation.

People Who Are Witnesses and Observers
* These are the aware and interested parties who are most probably doing well for themselves and content to be where they are. However they have spare time and mind space to be involved in the day to day polity, economy and international relation to try and take best advantage for themselves.
* They debate, participate in heated discussions and even offer suggestions for improvement. They can be those contributing to the large scale employment of people or those peacefully minding their own jobs, businesses and families.

People Who Are Amazed and Flabbergasted
* These are mostly at the far end of the Society who have no control or contribution to what is happening around them. They may be economically weaker, or yet to become economically independent or even rich spoilt brats whose all needs are been taken care of by family money.
* Whatever be the niche, this lot is the most detached and inconsequential in the world system and societal evolution.
* The moot question is what will you like to become?
* Definitely one must explore within oneself ways and means to evolve, improve and make a difference. Otherwise what is the difference between you and your pet dog?

Major General Balraj Mehta

For over 35 years I served in the esteemed Indian Army, starting with one star on the shoulder to two stars on the flag. Leading infantry forces and commanding thousands of soldiers honed my leadership skills and instilled in me a deep understanding of human nature. This experience allows me to connect with individuals on a profound level, offering practical solutions for navigating complex career and parenting challenges.

My passion extends beyond the uniform into advising clients for a happy family life, grooming teenagers & young adults and development assistance to professionals. I am a firm believer in the power of knowledge sharing and personal growth. As a paratrooper I embraced challenges head-on, defying limitations and soaring to new heights. Now, I translate that same spirit into my work as a Coach, Mentor, Writer Speaker and Influencer.

Since transitioning from the military, I have embarked on a captivating journey of engaging audiences with my insights on leadership, human relations, and the ever-evolving nature of parent child relationship. My goal is to contribute meaningfully to the discourse on empowering young adults and spreading awareness about need for compassionate parenting, offering valuable perspectives honed through first hand, personal and real-world experience.

I hold dear my commitment to knowledge sharing, teaching, guiding and mentoring the budding entrepreneurs, young professionals and parents of teenagers. By equipping future leaders with the tools they need to excel, I aim to empower them to navigate the complexities of the ever-changing world. It's incredibly rewarding to witness their growth and know that I am helping to shape the next generation of charismatic leaders.

In 1983 I embarked on a distinguished career in the Indian Army, having been commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. The unwavering loyalty and dedication I held for my Nation and my Service became the cornerstone of faith during my professional journey. Each year honed my character, sharpened my skills, and fortified my resolve in service of a greater mission which I took upon as my very own!

Olive Green blood runs in my veins!

My operational journey in infantry culminated in commanding an infantry brigade in a highly sensitive operational area. This exceptionally successful tenure earned me the coveted Sena Medal for distinguished service in 2013. Throughout my career, I endeavour to forge excellent civil-military relations and oversaw crucial operations, including the rebuilding of military establishments devastated by Cyclone Phailin in 2013.

After 35 years of dedicated service, my career peaked as the General Officer Commanding the Sub Area of Uttarakhand and later the 41 Sub Area. On 31 August 2018, I superannuated from the Indian army, receiving a dignified farewell by the then Chief of the Army Staff, General Bipin Rawat.
My experiences have equipped me to guide individuals through the journey called life, helping people overcome their uncertainties and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

My mission is to empower individuals to live a meaningful life and pursue fulfilling careers. I leverage my expertise in handling human resources, teaching, coaching and personal experiences in leading large organisations to provide guidance and support to parents to deal with their parenting woes, especially with respect to teenagers. I am dedicated to helping parents to overcome anxieties, discover their children’s passions and guide them to successful career choices. My goal is to see them gain clarity, build confidence, and find joy in their life and work.

I am committed to guiding entrepreneurs and young professionals to acquire necessary skills, develop their latent leadership qualities, get over anxiety for performance and forge a stronger personal and professional standing. I consider enhancing their efficiency by reorganisation, reorientation and reaffirmation as my specialty.

I envision a world where parents are empowered to let their children get aligned with their passions, values and talents and feel supported and encouraged to make wise career choices. I strive to be a catalyst for this change, providing the guidance and knowledge necessary for parents to build strong children, for teenagers to grow into strong, stable and compassionate adults and young professionals to achieve greater personal and professional fulfilment.

- Maj Gen Balraj Mehta